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State: Congo-Brazzaville  /  Continent: Africa  /  Era: current

Congo-Brazzaville flag
English name: Congo-Brazzaville  |  1960
Formal name:Republic of the Congo
Original name:République du Congo
Last update: 2013-03-10  |  Version: 1.0  |  Graphic designer: Pavel Močoch

english name Navy

original name Marine Nationale du Congo


matelot brevet quartier-maitre se 2eme classe quartier-maitre se 1ere classe
seaman 1st class petty officer 3rd class petty officer 2nd class
second maitre maitre premier maitre maitre-principal
petty officer 1st class chief petty officer senior chief petty officer master chief petty officer
enseigne de vaisseau 2e classe enseigne de vaisseau 1re classe lieutenant de vaisseau
ensign sub lieutenant lieutenant
capitaine de corvette capitaine de fregate capitaine de vaisseau
lieutenant commander commander captain
contre-amiral vice-amiral vice-amiral d´escadre
comodore rear admiral vice admial