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State: Austria  /  Continent: Europa  /  Era: current

Austria flag
English name: Austria  |  since 1919
Formal name:Republic of Austria
Original name:Republik Österreich
Last update: 2015-06-13  |  Version: 1.5  |  Consultant: Wolfgang Steinhardt  |  Graphic designer: Pavel Močoch

english name Lazarus Union – CSLI

original name Lazarus Union – CSLI

insigniashoulder straps - gala - Galaschulterstücke

date2009 since

wachtmeister CSLI stabswachtmeister CSLI oberstabswachtmeister CSLI
staff sergeant CSLI master sergeant CSLI 1st sergeant CSLI
ofiziersstelwerter CSLI vizeleutnant CSLI 1. vizeleutnant des CSLI
sergeant major CSLI command sergeant major CSLI sergeant major of the CSLI
fähnrich CSLI leutnant CSLI oberleutnant CSLI hauptmann CSLI
ensign CSLI 2nd lieutenant CSLI 1st lieutenant CSLI captain CSLI
major CSLI oberstleutnant CSLI oberst CSLI
major CSLI lieutenant colonel CSLI and Execurives Officer colonel CSLI and Execurives Officer
brigadier / verstandsteautragter generalmajor betrat / rechnungsführer generalleutnant / bundeskommandant stv. /stv.direktor berat / kassier stv.
brigadier general CSLI and Execurives Officer Major General CSLI, Auditors and Member of the Advisory Board Lieutenant General CSLI and Vice Chairmen of the Advisory Board
general / bundeskommandant / generalsekretär / kassier / direktor berat vizepräsident präsident
Members of the Board of own CSLI Associations, Federal Commanders in Chief, Generals and Chairman of the Advisory Board Vice Presidents from own CSLI Associations Presidents of own CSLI Associations
Members of the Board of the Lazarus Union and Union Commander in Chief Secretary General and Treasurer of the Lazarus Union Vice president of the Lazarus Union President of the Lazarus Union