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State: Brazil  /  Continent: South America  /  Era: current

Brazil flag
English name: Brazil  |  1968 (1889)
Formal name:Federative Republic of Brazil
Original name:República Federativa do Brasil
Last update: 2013-03-09  |  Version: 1.0  |  Graphic designer: Pavel Močoch

english name Brazilian Navy

original name Marinha do Brasil

insigniasleeve insignia

Marineiro Cabo Terceiro-Sargento Segundo-Sargento
Seaman Apprentice - Boilers Seaman - Electronics Petty Officer 3rd Class - Signalman Petty Officer 2nd Class - Radar operator
summer uniform working rig
Primeiro-Sargento Guarda-Marinha
Petty Officer 1st Class - Aviation Probationary Ensign
Segundo -Tenente Primeiro -Tenente Capităo -Tenente
Ensign Lieutenant Junior Grade Lieutenant
Capităo-de-Corveta Capităo-de-Fragata Capităo-de-Mar-e-Guerra
Lieutenant Commander Commander Captain
Contra-Almirante Vice-Almirante Almirante-de-Esquadra Almirante
Rear Admiral Vice Admiral Admiral Admiral of the Fleet