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EUROPE - MILITARY BRANCH & RANK INSIGNIA Albanian insignia 1912-14 ? (0)
Hello, any info about the insignia worn by the newly created army 1012-14 ? Photos of the period / Dutch military mission show nco's with diagonal (bottom left to top right) stripe on collar patches. Close up of officers collar patches show 5 pointed stars, one seems to have piping around the collar patch another a stripe across the centre of the patch. On officers peakless caps, a double headed eagle badge, another with oval badge. Italian style metallic braid at bottom of cap also seen . One officer has a black ? narrow band around the centre of the cap....
croc909 > 8-June-2017 10:59:08

EUROPE - LAW ENFORCEMENT BADGES & PATCHES Albanian gendarmerie collar patch colour 1912-14 ? (0)
Hello, anyone know what colour the collar patches were for Albanian gendarmerie 1912-14 ? Red /scarlet like the patches worn up to 1939 and the Italian occupation ?...
croc909 > 8-June-2017 10:50:08

FICTIVE RANK INSIGNIA Ghost Recon:Wildlands Unidad (0)
These ranks are from a video game: Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon - Wildlands which takes place in Bolivia 2019. The National police has been remolded into La Unidad, a counter-narcotic military police force. Based on the demobilized real-life Bolivian UTAC unit. The head of Unidad is retired Bolivian National Police Major General Juan Pablo Baro....
DarthGaddafi > 8-June-2017 4:23:08

EUROPE - MILITARY BADGES & PATCHES UK: question abt Light Dragoon badges (2)
I found the dagger & wreath badge listed as a "Class 1 Infantry Soldier" badge, as opposed to a plain dagger "Combat Infantryman" badge: http://www.cadetdirect.com/rank-slides-badges/embroidered-badges/trade-specialist-badges I'm assuming that this would be something similar to the US Army's Expert Infantryman Badge?...
JaMeinHerr > 3-June-2017 22:48:03