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AFRICA - CORRECTIONS & PRISONS BRANCH & RANK INSIGNIA Nigeria Prisons Service Rank Insignia (1)
Referring to the discussion under "New ranks in the French National Police": Here is a four-tier system, but with no overlapping. I would guess that the expanded inspectorate cadre is recruited from the junior cadre....
Luke2 > 23-November-2021 10:39:23

EUROPE - LAW ENFORCEMENT BRANCH & RANK INSIGNIA New ranks in the French National Police (18)
Its a three-tier system, as in Germany, plus two top echelons. The Director General is normally not a police officer, but taken from the prefectoral career. I do not know whats up with the Directors of active services. Career III is, however, based on direct entry lawyers. The two top ranks are appointments, not substantive. Career IV on direct entry with a three-year law degree. Career V is based on police academy entrants (high school diploma). Its also common with promotion from one career to the next highest. Career VI is auxiliary police with short training employed on short term contract for a maximum of five years. Its not very many of them either. But, as you said, its complicated in the top; the upper ranks of career IV seem to overlap with the lower ranks of career III. In Germany the careers are strictly separated....
Luke2 > 23-November-2021 10:29:23

UK Space Command was established as a joint command, but currently resides with the RAF. Given the limited size of the UK space mission, I can't see this being likely to change and I think it's extremely unlikely ever to become an independent service in its own right. These may be of interest: The new UK "Space Operator" badge: ...
Medic_in_Uniform > 22-November-2021 3:04:22

To be honest, it's the kind of drivel I largely expect from Task & Purpose. It amuses me no end that everyone is trying to suggest that the USSF uniforms are like the costumes from a sci-fi TV or movie franchise -- but no-one can quite agree on which franchise it is they are supposedly copying: some say it's Star Wars, others want to liken them to Star Trek, one article says it's Battlestar Galactica, another says it's Starship Troopers... I do wish they would make their minds up...! The fact that there are so many comparisons but yet the commentators can't agree on which says to me that USSF are actually incorporating ideas from the same sorts of original designs that were also the influences behind many of the sci-fi uniforms, but they're not directly copying any single one of them, rather they are using and adapting similar historical precedents to the fictional uniforms to come up with something new. I'm pretty confident that the final version of the USSF service dress will look somewhat different to those prototypes....
Medic_in_Uniform > 22-November-2021 2:29:22